Warm & Cool

In recent design projects, we have been finding ways to warm up the cool palettes of the last few seasons. Traditionally, either warm or cool neutrals predominate a space. Cool grays, silver, and washed wood tones still find favor with many homeowners due to their modern and understated sensibilities.  Even so warm neutral tones are making a comeback from their several year hiatus.

 We remember looking through resources during this peak in cool tones and wondering if everything warmer than taupe had  become extinct. Embracing warm tones comes naturally to us as they add a wonderful comfort and richness to a space. We love encouraging a mix of neutrals as we have found that it creates a sophisticated and unexpected palette that our clients love.

Cool Warm Mood Shot

One of our favorite examples of a piece that bridges warm and cool wood tones harmoniously is our beautiful Tusk table.  Don’t underestimate the power of accessorizing to reenforce the striking balance of warm and cool as well. (above). From rugs and gimp tapes to wallpaper, we find that this trend is really taking off within the design community. We had fun arranging a group of our favorites below.

Warm & Cool Collage

Warm & Cool Collage

Here at MakeNest, we love a confident mix. Just like wood tones and accent peices, try mixing neutrals in other materials too! We are looking at you, gold and silver.



Blue is always reinventing itself like the best divas.  While the peacock tones of recent seasons are still showing strong, the purist forms of blue are popping up here and there in home design and elsewhere. From Elle Decor, a trend watch that made me smile.  


Pretty in Pink

I read it in Elle Decor, so it must be true.  Pastels are in vogue again.

In fact, I’ve been noticing the trend and dabbling in it a bit this year.  At least, I’ve been drawn to the slightly more saturated versions of what we think of as pastels.  Namely, a particular shade of fuchsia I ordered for our shop last January.  They are not exactly pastel, but they have the sweetness of tone one associates with those hues.  


What really intrigues me, though, is whether the trend will keep our swooning chairs from the upholsterer.  I picked these up in 2007 at a shop in Vermont and have debated the exact nature of the ‘re-do’ ever sense.  The trendsetters may have helped me put off a decision a little longer…