Every holiday asks questions.  In in the Dickensian tradition, the questions of Christmas are of charity and kindness.  On the 4th of July, we ask ourselves what freedom means to us and what it has meant to those who’ve defended it in our names .  And at Hallowe’en, we may no longer ponder on life and death as our Pagan ancestors did, but we at least bite down on the central question of costume: to wig or not to wig.

Thanksgiving asks us to pause and consider gratitude and to count our blessings. There is a great deal of heart in the holiday. In the practice of being grateful one finds oneself grounded and humbled.  There is a quiet joy in feeling appreciation for opportunities, for the love of others, for shared enjoyments and even for personal vision.

At MakeNest, we’ve had a remarkable year of growth, fueled not only by exciting projects, but by the coming together of a remarkable team around shared visions. After ten years of largely flying solo as a business owner, the time had come for my work family to grow.  With this change, we’ve seen our business become more organized; our perspective has broadened; the burdens are shared; and the afternoon brownie is split three ways, showing that in all greatness there is sacrifice.

We’re thankful for our work family, our continued passion for design, and for our community of loyal and supportive clients.  Every day when my staff heads out the door, I tell them thanks for the work they’ve done, because most of the questions that holidays ask should be answered in practice all year long.