What I’ve Come to Love: Visible Power

There was a time when I would do anything to hide the gritty truth of electricity.  I look back at my early endeavors and cringe at parades of baskets and houseplants I ran along the corners of rooms to hide the lamp cords.  Then I changed and became a person who could embrace it.


Of course, there are still times when hiding a mess of wires is the right choice.  No need to allow a surge protector to peer up at guests from the corner of the sofa like a white rat with a few too many tails.  Yet a vintage wire snaking down from a sconce has a surprising charm to me as I approach forty; it is, after all, the age of forgiving grey hair and crow’s feet with grace.

Maybe, too, I think embracing the forgotten wonder of electricity is a nice, truthy thing to do.  In an era in which we can talk to anyone, anywhere, anytime we ought to do a little less griping when the signals are weak and have a little more zen-like gratitude that we’re able to do something like sending a friend across the globe a snapshot of shoes we’re thinking of buying.  Seriously though, these wingtips look great with this soap box, right?


In conclusion, try letting the works show now and again.  There is more style in honesty than in pretense.  This is something like that breezy, amazing person in your life who can throw a poncho over a t-shirt and somehow look cooler than your mother-in-law who always has the perfect brooch to suit her expensive matched knits.