Chocolate Oasis

Design legend Billy Baldwin had it right.

Chocolate is as delicious, sensual, and rich in interiors as it is on the dessert trolly.  Yet browns come in varieties that can change the flavor of a room.  Here are three of our favorites from Benjamin Moore:

  1. North Creek Brown : #1001 This mossy infusion is perfect for the design that wants to mix warm and cool notes and needs an ambassador to seal the deal.  Many browns have red undertones, but this subtle reserve delivers a wallop without blushing.  An elegant tone to use against classic blue and white, it can change course and play backdrop to pop colors like coral and kiwi as well. 
  1. Raisin : #1237 As its name suggests, plummy notes flavor this robust brown.  We love it because it has the impact of a mahogany-lined space without the architectural narrative of wainscoting.  Paired with analogous tones ranging from camel to clay, this hue is the weight to an earthy setting.  Upscale metallics like brass and pewter are equally flattered in a room where Raisin establishes the backdrop.
  1. Van Buren Brown : #HC-70  Perhaps the most earnest brown in Benjamin Moore’s collection, this shade is one hundred percent rich Mayan cocoa.  It is satisfying enough to be served as the main event: the walls, the ceiling, or the floor.  Or it can be used minimally as a painted accent, slipping into any color palette under the sun to dazzling effect.

They say the best way to appreciate good chocolate is to let it rest on your tongue, while the warmth of your palette uncloaks the complexities of the recipe.  Bring any of these delicious hues into your space and enjoy the chocolate that never melts away.


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