Dark Haven

This room is the kind I’d call preppy bohemian.  The collection implies travel and taste, but the deconstructed arrangement says the person who lives here is comfortable with a bit of chaos.  If the appointments were arranged more formally – no stacks on the floor, no art left leaning – the space could feel dour and heavy.


The styling of the room is pitch perfect.  Here is why it works:

  • The rich red ceiling strengthens the statement of the collections of red atop the wardrobe and in the window sill. Due to the darkness of the room, the reds balance magically being both a color and a neutral. The Lesson: Don’t fear bold decisions like ceiling color, just make sure they support the overall design.
  • The dynamic geometric rug is not crowded with other patterns; textures and organic motifs alone fill in the blanks. (See our first post for more about that.)  In this room the books are textural specifically because their spines are not precisely aligned. Through repetition, unexpected objects become a tactile part of the overall design. The Lesson: Think beyond fabrics and wall finishes when adding texture.
  • Pops of color break the palette like beams of sunlight in a forest. Black, white and shades of honey brown are the primary neutrals here. They establish the rhythm of dark and light, warm and cool.  Editing out the brilliant yellow and blue book spines or the cheery peonies in the foreground would flatten the palette. The Lesson: Celebrate colors that are a little more saturated and playful than the rest. Cleverly woven into the mix, they give design its kick.

Hope you enjoy the photo, which is from Elle Decor and found via Quite Continental.




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